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Vegetation Control Service (Large Sized Lots)

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Vegetation control is a stand alone service and involves selectively removing unwanted vegetation in the desired areas. This helps maintain rights of way, keep areas clear of unwanted brush and control weed growth. Examples of where this would be useful is along the cracks in sidewalks and driveways and in gravel areas.

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This is a single VEGETATION CONTROL application. VEGETATION CONTROL can be purchased at a discounted rate with the purchase of our GREEN BASIC, GREEN PLUS or FOREVERGREEN packages. 


While our Fertilizer and Weed Control programs keep your lawn green and weed free, our vegetation control option is available for when weeds take over areas like your driveway, walkways, rock or gravel areas. This program will keep these areas free from grass, weeds and other vegetation all season long. Lets keep the green where it should be and make your yard stand out from the rest.

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