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Evergreen Landscaping is dedicated to providing quality service. We have put together a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us!


What services do you offer?

We offer Fertilizer and Weed Control programs and applications, Vegetation Control ( a non-selective herbicide application that kills everything - commonly used on driveways, gravel areas, sidewalks, etc.) Insecticide Treatment for tree pests and Aerating.


Do you guarantee your services?

Yes! We guarantee all our weed control and fertilization services. We will come back to re-apply weed control on any actively growing weeds, or to apply additional fertilizer as long as it is requested between 14-30 days from the previous application.


Do you require a contract?

No, there is no contract to sign. If you book one of our seasonal packages, which offers a recurring service, we will continue to perform regularly scheduled treatments until the terms of your selected package have been met.


What areas do you service?

We work in Lethbridge and surrounding areas. Raymond, Magrath, Stirling, Coaldale and Coalhurst are included in that area.


Who will work on my property?

Well trained, supervised personnel with the proper professional equipment. All employees wear a company uniform. The uniform may vary depending on the jobs they perform and the protective equipment they may need.


Are you a licensed and insured Lawn Care Company?

Yes, we are fully licensed, commercially insured and covered through WCB. We hold all the required and necessary licenses for a lawn care and pesticide company in Alberta. 


How do you schedule your clients?

Residential clients will select a week they prefer to receive their application upon booking a package. An Evergreen employee will reach out within 24 hrs of booking to confirm a specific date and time.


How do I pay?

You can pay online here on this website, with debit, or credit. You can also pay when our employee stops by for your service. We use a Square at the door, ensuring your payment information is secure. We also accept etransfer.


What if you break something?

We try to avoid this at all times, but its why we carry insurance. We will immediately fix any mistake and tell you what happened. You won’t have to worry about anything. If its our fault, we will make it right.


Why do I need to pick up toys, animal droppings and anything else in the yard?

This is a safety concern. Although the fertilizerand weed control we use is safe for residential yards, we don’t want to get it on anything but the grass and weeds in your yard!


How long after the yard is serviced can I mow?

We recommend waiting 12-24 hours after application, before mowing your lawn.


How long after the yard is serviced can my children, or pets go outside?

We recommend children and pets be kept off the area for at least 24 hours.


How long does it take for weeds to die after they have had an application?

It usually takes 24 hours to see the effect of the weed control, but it can take up to 72 hours. If after 72 hours you have not seen a change in your weeds, let us know, we’d be happy to come fix the problem!


What if it rains after my service?

Any water is great for fertilizer and will benefit the application. Weed control results can vary, depending on amounts and severity of rain. If after 7 days your application hasn't given you the desired result, let us know and we'll be happy to return at no extra cost.


How long should I wait to water my lawn then?

We recommend waiting a full 12 hours before turning your sprinklers back on. Make sure you do water your lawn within 24 hours of the application, so that the fertilizer is watered into the soil. This will help avoid potential ‘tip-burn’ in those hot summer months, from the salt in the fertilizer slightly burning the grass.


What are the perfect conditions for applications?

A day that isn’t too hot and isn’t too cold, one that isn’t too windy, and the grass is dry with no rain in the upcoming forecast…who knew this was such temperamental work? Seriously though, we’re looking for the perfect conditions. That means it has to be between 18-29 degrees Celsius, with a wind gust of less than 16 km/hr.


Do I have to be home during the application?

No, most of our lawns are serviced during normal working hours. Unless otherwise instructed, your technician will complete his work and leave an application sign on your lawn.

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