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Core Aeration Service (Regular Sized Lots)

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This is a single CORE AERATION application. This service is included in our FOREVERGREEN season long package, or can be purchased at a discounted rate with the purchase of our GREEN BASIC or GREEN PLUS packages. The above rate is based on an average 4000 square foot (400 square meters) lawn. If you are unsure about your property or would like to inquire about rates for other sizes please contact us directly.



This procedure removes plugs of earth and turf from your yard. Basically it creates holes in the soil of your lawn to help alleviate compaction, so that air, water and nutrients can reach the grass roots. When lawns become too compacted the grass can struggle in stressful weather patterns, such as periods of high heat with little to no rainfall, causing lawns to lose their healthy, rich colour. 

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